Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons Beg-Adv

We offer a wide range of dances to teach at your convenience!
Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Hustle, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango. All levels from beg to adv. All ages from 6 years old to 100+. NO PARTNER NEEDED!



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Private Lessons

Private lessons are absolutely the most effective and convenient way of learning to dance Ballroom and Latin.  Not everyone learns the same way!  It’s a quicker way of learning and improving your dancing skills and confidence on the dance floor.

We customize each lesson to suit your individual needs and goals; whether you are looking to get ready for a specific event, to be able to dance socially or even to take it to the next level…competition.  We work at  your own pace, and at your own schedule, and you can learn as many dances as you want.

All private lessons are ONE HOUR long.



Semi-Private Lessons

Exclusive for your group.   Get your friends and family together for some fun!  Motivate, cheer each other up, and challenge each other through the process!  Learn as many dances as you want, create your own schedule, and be comfortable learning in a familiar and safe environment.

Semi-Private lessons give you the option of:

      *  Creating your own group, people that you already know and want to spend a fun time with, while learning something new and exciting, and exercising your brain and body! 

      *  Same as a private lesson, you also get to pick your schedule and the dance(s) that your group want to learn.  

      *  You pick the location, it can be at the studio or at the convenience of your home (ask for details).  

      *  This is also a great  and cheaper way to get ready for that special event.

      *  We are also available to teach at the date of the event such as weddings, quinceaneras/sweet sixteen, corporate events, Christmas parties, engagement parties, bachelorette and birthday parties.  

All semi-private lessons are ONE HOUR long.

*Prices of private lessons are per individual or couple.  For Semi-private lesson prices, please call.

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Dance Workshops

and Bootcamps

Get in your comfy/workout clothes, bring your dance shoes, a towel, enough water…and you are set to go!! Dance world…here we come!

No matter what level you are! If you have never danced before, or if you already are an experienced dancer and are looking to step up your dancing skills!  Our dance workshops are limited to 20 people…because we care and we don’t want you to feel lost in the crowd.  We believe in quality over quantity!  So check out our schedule, and book the workshop that best fits your goals and level of dancing.  Be ready to burn some calories, learn a bunch of good stuff, meet awesome people…and of course…have an amazing time!

SALSA BEGINNERS – Sunday March 8th 11am-1pm

11am-12pm  Create a strong foundation

Master the basic steps, turns, rhythm, and basic technique

12pm-1pm    Partner work

Learn a combination of hot but easy to learn club style patterns focusing on the proper lead/follow technique…and…get ready to go out there and test your skills!

Salsa Beginners Bootcamp

BACHATA BEGINNERS – Sunday March 15th 11am-1pm

11am-12pm  Understanding the fundamentals

Learn a combination of sexy sensual bachata patterns, with the basic movement and lead/follow technique.

12pm-1pm   The “not-so-basic” technique.

Intro to proper body movement that will take your basics to the next level.

Bachata Beginners Bootcamp

SALSA INT-ADV -Sunday March 22nd 11am-1pm

11am-12pm  Warm up with a series of fancy and challenging footwork and styling.  Followed by a series of combinations that will improve your salsa vocabulary.

12pm-1pm   Add on to your repertoire  with a new set of combinations, focusing on turns and tricky arm movements along with the technique that will make this patterns feel/look smooth and fun to dance to.

Salsa Int-Adv Workshop

BACHATA BODY MOVEMENT – Sunday March 11am-1pm

11am-12pm   Understand your body

Warm up with isolation exercises to get into the correct technique of body waves/rolls as well as the lead/follow technique involved

12pm-1pm     Let’s test it out

Apply the body movement technique previously learned to a series of sensual patterns, master it, and spice it up with styling.

Bachata Body Movement Workshop