sweet sixteen waltz

The Quince Años is one of the most precious and sweetest moments in a young lady’s life.  Historically speaking, quinceanera traditions date back to the Aztecs around 500 B.C.  At the age of  fifteen, a girl was considered mature enough to learn about the history and traditions of  her family.  She was instructed how to be a responsible adult in her community and was presented  as a “young lady” and not longer a girl.  Today, the tradition remains a symbol of a girl’s transition from childhood to young womanhood.

 We specialize in the group waltz, father/daughter dance and surprise dance.  Whether you choose to have all of your dances choreographed or want the dance to feel improvised and want just to learn the moves, we are here to help you make this special day a very magical moment! Bringing your natural inner beauty out, and giving you all the tools for your to feel confident, gorgeous and sophisticated from the moment you perform the Grand Entrance until the very last minute of the party.

We can also help with:

*Sweet 16 Dance  *Debutante Dance  *Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dance