dance lesson

“What an incredible person and teacher! My boyfriend surprised me for my birthday with private dance instruction from Dalia. Despite the fact that she was just getting back from vacation and didn’t work on Sundays she made an exception for my birthday! When we showed up she gave me a birthday rose and taught us the starter steps for 4 different kinds of dance. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. We plan on coming back for more classes. We love dancing together and Dalia has now given us new steps to add!”.

-Danielle R.      9/28/18

salsa dance student

“I am passionate about salsa, I am on the beginner/intermediate level, so my goal is to get better.  I recently started taking some classes with Dalia and after a few sessions with her, I have already seen much improvement in my dancing.  Dalia’s approach towards her students is to teach them the fundamentals, key details such as footwork, timing, and overall body recognition.  What I appreciate about Dalia is her ability to express herself so that you understand the techniques.  Dalia’s patience and focus during the session are what every student deserves, she looks at all the angles, making you aware of your weaknesses and building your confidence.  I recommend Dalia for any type of a dancer, whether you are a beginner or advanced, I feel that you can definitely gain a lot from Dalia”.

-Omid G.      09/23/18

dance student

“My dancing story begins about a year and a half ago when I decided to give Salsa dancing a try. I wanted to push myself by trying something that really made me uncomfortable but would be very rewarding at the end. I started with attending some group classes at clubs with little success. I felt like a chicken with his head cut off. I had a very hard time trying to follow the instructions correctly, doing my steps on time with the music and leading my partner with purpose.

From there I decided to sign up for a thirteen-week group class. This helped me build more confidence in my steps and my moves. Unfortunately, I also picked up allot of bad habits which I had to work twice as hard to overcome later. I also noticed that I had a very hard time doing a lot of these moves when social dancing.

About 3 month ago I decided to get even more serious about my Salsa. I wanted to start going Social dancing and knew the only thing that would stop me would be myself. This is when I met Dalia and saw her dance. I knew that she would be the one to help me take my dancing skills to the next level. Let me tell you that I was right, and I only wish I would have started taking private lessons from the beginning. I would have picked up the correct habits from the beginning and I would be social dancing in less than 6 months. I say this because one of my other good friends was able to do this in less than 4 months by doing 4-5 private lessons every week.

So, I went social dancing last week once again and for the first time I felt in control and at ease on the dance floor. It was one of those Aaaahhhhaaa moments and I had 3 different girls tell me that I’m a good dancer that night. This is after 3 months of private lessons with Dalia and I could not be happier.

So, thank you Dalia for helping to achieve my goal of being able to dance confidently at the club. I would not have been able to do this without you”.

-Andy S.      09/06/18


“Dancing was something that I always wanted to learn, but was intimidated by based on not having any previous experience. Dalia makes you feel comfortable right away, and makes dancing very fun with her charming personality, and positive attitude. I’m excited after every class because I feel like I made a significant improvement. Glad I chose Dalia to be my instructor on my dancing journey”

-Victor Garcia      09/06/18

bachata dance student

“I first started dancing with Dalia, over this girl I was trying to impress. Two years have passed since and I don’t have trouble dancing anymore. The funny thing is, at the beginning I just wanted to learn just one type of dance. Never in my life did I like dancing. I was horrible at it and in reality I was not even doing it for me. Meeting Dalia and taking her lessons changed everything. She opened my eyes, taught me multiple forms of dances, introduced me to a completely different world and now I wouldn’t want to stop dancing. I love it! What started with simple dances turned into salsa, bachata, swing, west coast swing, cumbia, merengue and I even know waltz now. I go out and dance all the time now. And it’s all thanks to her. Her lessons are both fun and productive. I recommend her to anyone for any dancing need!”.

-Michael Ramirez      05/22/18

intermediate salsa dancer

“I’ve been dancing with Dalia for over a year now, and it’s been wonderful to say the least. When I started, I hardly knew the basic steps to salsa and my rhythm was terrible, but after just a few lessons I noticed solid improvements. Dalia has helped me build a solid foundation upon which I have been able to learn increasingly complicated salsa sequences, as well as branch out into other latin dances, like bachata and merengue. Lastly, Dalia is super fun, lighthearted, and patient. No matter where you are in your dance career, she will help catapult you to the next level. Five Stars!”.

-Michael K.     05/01/18

kids dancing

“My daughter and her group of best friend needed help choreographing (and learning) a dance routine for their school Talent Show. The girls are novice dancers and can have a short attention span. I took them to Dalia for a series of lessons and was blown away. Not only did she choreograph a fun, age-appropriate, lovable routine, she brought out the very best in each individual girl. She built up their confidence and gave them the instruction and structure they needed to thrive. Thank you Dalia for helping to bring out their inner-girl power and make their dancing dreams come true! I wish I could give 10 stars, 5 will have to do!”

-Anne C.      05/01/18


“Eso Dalia!!! Dalia choreographed the first dance at our wedding. She also gave us (well really me) salsa and bachata lesson to help make the first dance look legit. Dalia is excellent for beginning dancers (me) and expert dancers (my wife). She took the time to make our choreography easy enough for me to learn and dance well, but also highlighted my wife’s ability, and was able to showcase it in our first dance. We received rave reviews of our first dance and much of that can be attributed to Dalia’s choreography.

She is also able to cut, mix, and mashup music for you during whatever dance you are looking to have choreographed. We wanted to mix some slow-dance, into bachata, into salsa, and Dalia was able to create our “song” with no hesitation.

By the way, Dalia is also an expert in other types of dances: waltz, tango,
fox trot, swing etc. Plus she has access to a full dance studio for your practice pleasure.

Please please go see our friend Dalia!”

-Kyle M.      01/11/18

wedding first dance

“I asked Dalia to choreograph our first dance at our wedding and she really did an amazing job! Both my husband and I are poor dancers, so we wanted to have some moves that we practiced ready to go for our first dance in front of everyone. We asked her to do mix of a classic first dance song with a song from Africa, and she did an amazing job coming up with very appropriate dance moves for each of the songs. She also listened to what we wanted and changed the moves on occasion after our feedback, which was really great! Everyone loved our first dance, but the best part was taking the classes – they were so fun!! We highly recommend Dalia!!”

-Lindsey D.      08/18/17


“Dalia is simply the best!!! My son and I learned a Salsa routine with her and had the best time. She is patient and thorough. We love her!!”

-Sarah L.      08/15/17

birthday party dance

“Dalia is the best.  Celebrated my bday last weekend with a few couples and they loved the salsa /bachata lessons. She accommodated to all my needs. Definitely doing it again!!!”

-Victoria G.      04/24/17


“I am so late in writing this review but I just wanted to let my fellow Yelpers know what a great person Dalia is. I found Dalia on Thumbtack because I needed someone to choreograph a fun wedding dance. My husband was definitely not excited at this because he has two left feet. As a matter of fact, he wanted to skip over the entire dance entirely. Dalia was able to merge all the songs I wanted (ranging from Disney to Beyonce to 80’s rock) and make a fun choreography that had all the guests cheering by the end. And to top it off, she adjusted it so that i could still use my cute dance moves but easy enough for the hubby to follow. She also was able to do a perfect mix of the dance and put it on a USB stick so i could give it to my DJ and it was all for a very reasonable and affordable price. I definitely recommend Dalia to anyone who needs a dance routine or just wants to take dance classes. Thank you again, Dalia!!”

-Selmy Mendoza      02/23/17

surprise dance

    “We worked with Dalia for our first dance for our wedding, and she was amazing! She listened to our music – a song that was not easy to dance to but was very special to us – and choreographed a dance for us that was elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, and perfect for our ability levels – it stretched us a bit, but was within our reach if we listened to her and practiced well. She was willing to come to our house, work with our crazy schedules, and she made the process of learning the dance a pleasure. She is a great dancer, a great teacher, and a wonderful person. We would recommend to her to ANYONE for whatever your dance needs are. We – and our family and wedding guests! – can not say enough positive things.”

-Kristine and Steven

wedding dance preparation

    “The dance was a hit!!! Everyone loved it! We got compliments even with the photographer. Unfortunately since it was a surprise dance and no one really expected it, no one really filmed it on their phone but when my videographer sends me our video, I will show you. We had an amazing time and thank you for all your work. We really do appreciate it. You were such a great help. Muchas gracias!”

-Karina Gorton


    “You should have seen Bill and me moving around the dance floor at a cowboy party last night!Bill had the biggest smile on his face and he said – “We’re doin’ it!” We had fun! We have also accepted an invitation to a Waltz group party on the 24th – we’re getting very brave.”

-Joan and Bill


    “Hi Dalia.  How are you?  I just wanted to say thanks for teaching me salsa and bachata dance in the last few weeks.  Your are a professional teacher that takes your craft very seriously.  I appreciate your patience with me and the fact that you are flexible with my schedule makes it easy to attend the class.  I will recommend and talk highly of you when I speak to my friends and family.” 

 -Your friend, Nery Cardenas

dance competition

    “Hi my name is Mike, I never thought I could ever dance. Besides that I have two left feet. I met Dalia , she is not only a beautiful dancer but she has the patience to teach proper form and make it fun. Dancing is a part of my life now, something I never thought, I congratulate and appreciate all that Dalia has taught me and is still teaching me. 

-Mike Hernandez.